Our History

Chris Demulling started with the company in April of 1993 when it was called Independence Lumber. At the time the owners owned Independence and Eleva, WI . Chris had started driving truck and kept the books for the two locations. Then in 1995 Dan Feltes and Randy VanVleet purchased the Independence location from the previous owners. From there they acquired the Galesville store in 1998. In 1999 Chris headed the start of the rental in Independence and shortly after that the rental in Galesville. At that point Chris had been thru every position in the company except Sales. So in the end of 1999 He started working on Designing and Contractor sales for the company.

In the Fall of 2006 Chris was asked to buy into a third location in Thorp, which he did and then purchased the other two partners out from Thorp in March of 2017 and then Independence and Galesville locations January 1st of 2018. After 25 years in the same business Chris has been thru every position in the business and plans on keeping the same family like atmosphere with the customers and the employees!

Central Builders Supply is proud to bring all the products you need for your building projects whether it is to repair a hole in the wall or to build a home, but the best quality that you receive from Dan, Randy and the staff at Central Builders Supply is the years of experience and knowledge that they have to assist you.

Stop in and meet the people behind the place and feel the confidence of knowledge and experience that builds one satisfied customer at a time.